Seriously, Christ shows me His amazing love every day. He shows me that no matter how imperfect I am, He still loves me. No matter how much I doubt, He’s still real. If I feel alone, He is still there and willing to help. I’ve been struggling with all of that recently. And He still brings certain people and events in my life to show me that He is still loving and supporting me. How crazy.

Vincent Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint because he thought it would get the happiness inside him. Many people thought he was mad and stupid for doing so because the paint was toxic, never mind that it was obvious that eating paint couldn’t possible have any direct correlation to one’s happiness, but I never saw that. If you were so unhappy that even the maddest ideas could possible work, like painting the walls of your internal organs yellow, than you are going to do it. It’s really no different than falling in love or taking drugs. There is a greater risk of getting your heart broken or overdosing, but people still do it everyday because there was always that chance it could make things better. Everyone has their yellow paint.

I wrote my major work for my Creative Writing uni course based on this quote. (via darlingjustbehuman)

Suddenly, all at once, she knows, knows that he doesn’t understand her, that he never will, that he lacks the power to understand such perverseness. And that he can never move fast enough to catch her.

Marguerite Duras, The Lover (via larmoyante)

All the glory, forever
All the praise to You

"Forever Reign", Hillsong United